Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines home school style

Well it's almost a week over due but I figured it was time to sit down and write about the valentines party the took place last week. The day started off normal. Blabby and Turbo both had the wiggles and we mamas desperately tried to de-wiggify but it wasn't working. So we set into the task at hand.........
CUPCAKES!!!!! The wee ones did quite well in the mixing of ingredients. There was no fighting over who did what, no egg shells in the batter, no blood shed over who got the whisk... all in all I say SUCCESS :)
Now the fun part though was putting the batter into the muffin tins. This my friends is where it got tricky. Picture two spirited children trying to get sticky cupcake batter into heart shaped muffin tins. Turbo was getting more batter on the cookie sheet than he was in his muffin tins and blabby was taking bites of "bladder" as she called it every time she would fill one up. Needless to say two very OCD mommies had to stand back (very far back) and let them do there thing. At last cupcakes in the oven, kids settled in turbos room, tank ready to eat, mommy's sitting down, maybe times for some calm? Think again, with these two together there is no such thing. When it came time to decorate said cupcakes the amount of sugar they dumped of them would make 95% of the dentists in the Denver area cringe. Already anticipating the sugar buzz we figured it was time for lunch. At last they would sit, eat and be still......... um whose children was I thinking of? After making sure the blanket was just right, each child had the right amount of dinosaurs to lunch with, and that each child was positioned properly to see the tv then it seemed lunch could start. Somehow we made it through lunch with only one spilled drink and one round of tears...amazing!!! Clean up lunch, clean up children, send them to play.....At last the mommies get a chance to talk :) After awhile we wonder "why is it so quiet?" Never a good sign ... The children apparently thought that their bodies would be a good canvas for marker art.....and what a beautiful work of art it was. Needless to say bathtub followed and four days almost a week later the remnants are still there............

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  1. i did have a ring of blue around my tub for a few days. hubby was concerned at first, but when I told him what happened, he wasn't at all surprised!