Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day.......oh wait it's day 1

Day 1.... I have made the decision.

I never even gave homeschooling a second thought growing up. Truthfully my only experience with homeschooling were the people who lived next door to us growing up. Pretty much I went to public school and always thought that if I had children in the future that is what they would do as well. Becoming a christian and a mom all in the span of six months really changed my life. I started to become aware of how much influence your child's schooling has on their life. When I started going to MOPS in November of 2006 when my daughter was only three months old, I became friends with a lovely lady we'll call spunky.... I found out that spunky was homeschooling her children....I became intrigued over time and started wondering what this was all about. When another friend of mine took her son out of school to begin home schooling we had many talks about what she was doing and why. I was becoming more and more interested in the prospect of homeschooling my own child. I though to myself on many occasions that there was no way I could do this "why, I was never very good in school how could I possibly teach my own child" and "well as a single parent there is no way, why I have to work full time" The more that time went on and as I watched many of my friends begin home school and seeing how much their children loved it, those lies began to fade and God's will for my family began to shine through. I have now made the choice to do whatever it takes to home school my daughter as I truly believe that she needs to be with me, learning on an individual level, not being constricted by a class room of 30+ kids and the most important being able to raise her with Godly values that will shape and mold her into the woman of God I pray she will become. Now I have many questions as to how this is all going to work but I know that God has my back and that all things will come together the way they are supposed to. So begins our adventure........Breathe in, breathe out, dive in head first...........

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