Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What if we...

What if we took the steps to be the change that we want to see in our community. What if, instead of just talking about it, or writing notes about it, making status updates about it we actually went out into the community and made change.

What if instead of talking about how bad pornography is, we went and sat out in front of our local adult book store and prayed for the men and women that frequent those places.

What if instead of talking about how much homelessness breaks out hearts, we did something about it and fed them, clothed them, prayed with them, loved them.

What if instead of talking about why someone may have gotten into stripping or prostitution we take Jesus and bibles to the streets and love them like He would.

What if instead of condemning someone else for their life choices we open up our arms and our church doors to show them the love of Christ.

What if we instead of continuing the debate between which is better home school or public school we agree that each parent is responsible to God and their own family first.

What if we instead of continuing to be a nation that values animal life over human life, stood up for voiceless babies and said NO MORE, and really did something about it.

What if we stood up for marriage and family and having values that teach our kids right from wrong. Instead of an anything goes mentality.

What if we stopped looking past the drug addict on the street as someone worthless and unfixable and looked at him or her the way Jesus would, with eyes of love. And realize that each one of us could have been there.

What if we stopped being so lackadaisical in our faith and really lived the way Jesus wants us to live, REALLY!!

What if we gave more and took less.

What if we gave up our TV, internet, Starbucks, movies, pedicures, shopping trips, eating out, luxuries (NOT at all saying all these things need to go, just naming a few things I could certainly do without so I could give more :) )

What if we we spoke the truth in love but lived lives of grace, pure, life altering grace.

What if we were more like Jesus.

What if we were radical, Jesus freaks, BOLD.......

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