Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Be Still and KNOW

"Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10

This verse has really been on my heart lately. Well to be truthful it has been everywhere I go. Church, on the radio, in my devotions and even at Deeper Still this last weekend. So I am starting to think that God is trying to tell me something. Be still Bethany and know that I am God...... What exactly do those words mean. In my study bible I have a great description of what this verse means. In my TNIV bible it explains this verse as be still meaning in the Hebrew ENOUGH. Imagine that God saying enough, no more, or STOP....... Stop what your doing, stop the worrying, stop the fear, stop the trying so hard to do it your own way and just let Me be God. I will confess here that I often try and do things my own way. I get so fearful that God isn't going to come through that I just figure I will get my smart little plan in there and figure it out on my own. What usually winds up happening is I fall FLAT on my face and have to realize the hard way that if I had just waited on Him it would have worked out in His timing not my own. This coming to a place of being able to be still before Him has taken a LONG time and I will admit that I am NOT even close to being where I know He wants me. Over the last six months I have been walking the most amazing journey with Him that started with a very dear friend telling me the truth, in a very direct way that I needed to do something with my self and get out of the pit I was in. This has gotten me to the place I am now and with this verse being placed on my heart by God. Another way I have heard this verse explained was by another very dear friend of mine at a conference back in October. She stated "I like to think of Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God, as sit back and watch this" I love that, because truly that is what it is. When we take ourselves out of the picture, when we cease striving, stop worrying, let go of all anxiety and just give it all to Him, He is able to do the most amazing things in the midst of some pretty painful circumstances. I want to see what He can do when I give Him the things that I thought I could figure out on my own, or the things that I thought He would never come through on. He can and He does come through. Even in the little things. I recently crashed my car, totally my fault yes but He totally came through for me. Here I was worried about what I was going to do without a car and He totally provided until I got mine back from the shop. I gave it to Him and He blew me away. I love to see how he provides in the big ways too. I hear stories from friends about providing groceries when they didn't have any, providing money to pay bills when they weren't sure where it was going to come from, being the all consuming comfort in times of great loss. He is a great God and when we are still before Him He does mighty things. This is where He wants us. I don't know if I'll ever be able to really be physically still. Those that know me know I am a fast mover, a fast talker and one that likes to ALWAYS be doing something, and maybe that's just the way I am made. But if I can be still before my God and cease everything else then my friends that kind of still is good enough for me.

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